India's Largest Handmade Paper Manufacturer
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India's Largest Handmade Paper Company

A.L. Paper House is India's largest Manufacturer and Exporter of cotton recycled Handmade Paper and Gift Paper Products.
We are award winners of best handmade paper company in India since year 2000, presented by the government of India.


Handmade Paper Sheets
A variety of handmade paper sheets for a variety of commercial use
Handmade Paper Bags
Creative and beautiful, heavy duty handmade paper bags for all uses
Handmade Paper Stars
Vibrant and colorful handmade paper stars for decoration purpose

Best Sellers

Embossed Paper
Handmade paper that has been embossed with various beautiful and creative designs
Flocked Paper
Handmade flock paper is a unique multi layer pattern paper which gives a new dimension to the final product.
Textured Paper
Various natural textures are created with this handmade paper and has a variety of commercial and domestic uses. 

Delhi Showroom

Our exclusive Showroom is open for overseas buyers.

* For meeting in New Delhi Showroom:
We need Prior appointment at least 2 days before visiting

Most Awarded Company

A.L. Paper has been awarded by the Government of India as the "Best Handmade Paper Company in India" for 14 consecutive years since year 2000.
Why A.L. Paper House

Largest self manufacturer, exporter and largest production capacity in India to meet your highest demands of cotton recycled handmade paper and gift paper products in India.
Traditional Handmade Paper

We have succeeded in giving the message to the world that old and traditional methods are very useful alternate to safeguard the environment.

100% Eco Friendly