India's Largest Handmade Paper Manufacturer

Welcome to the wonderful world of Traditional handmade paper

We are the Largest self manufacturer and exporter of cotton recycled handmade paper and gift paper products in India and also the Largest production capacity in India to meet your highest demands.

A.L. Paper House

Established more than 400 years ago.
Our ancestors were also awarded by Emperors, Kings during that period.
The most attractive point in our manufacturing of Handmade paper and Paper products is that it is entirely natural and based on ancestral technical skill.

Quality without Compromise

It's survival in the modern competitive market is due to practical experience and strong devotion to the quality of work. We have succeeded in giving the message to the world that old and traditional methods are very useful alternate to safeguard the environment. Also, our manufacturing process is very safe and harmless for our environment and wood pulp, acid and harmful chemicals are not used.

Awarded Best Handmade Paper Company in row from year 2000